Azzwood X Glass Charlie Collab Stem for the Tinymight - Halloween Edition

    To celebrate spooky season, myself and Charlie have decided to make this extremely limited batch of collab stems for the Tinymight! 

    Each stem has 2x cooling pills made from Galaxy by Northstar, which is a deep black with a glittery effect, Charlie has also marked the outside of the stem with the same colour. In keeping with the spooky theme I have used Pink, Green, Orange & Purple Massur Birch, and also Black Big Leaf Oregon Maple Burl to make the mouthpieces.

    Each stem is limited to just one, and as a Treat, each will come with the matching stir tool!

    "If you ain't first, you're last!" - Ricky Bobby.


    The stem is ~145mm in total and comes with 2x 12mm rimless concaved basket screen included. The stem can be used with both rimmed and rimless basket screens, available here.

    *The mouthpieces are only compatible with this stem and cannot be used with the 12mm ID stems provided with the Tinymight.

    **Tinymight not included.

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