INDI - Chechen - Coil Handle

    INDI - Chechen -PID Coil Handle 9mm dia. ~130mm Length

    Add a touch of personality and safety to your heavy hitters with a new, ergonomically pleasing, wooden handle!

    These handles are designed to fit the coils which heat the heads on desktop DHV's from manufacturers such as Vapvana, C Hardware, Qaroma etc. They have also been drilled and cut to allow for cable management, simply slide your cable into the handle!

    You will need to measure the widest diameter of the coil where it meets the cable to make sure you've got the correct size, either 9mm or 9.5mm* (You may have to remove a piece of black rubber). The coil sits into the handle 25mm on regular handles and 30mm on shorty's.

    To guarantee a solid hold, each handle is provided with a small piece of Blu-tac to allow you to pack the internal area and fix the coil in place. This will prevent the head of the device from swivelling whilst in use. 

    If you would like any assistance with measuring or fitting, please Contact Us.

    *Please make sure to order correct size for your coil, as forcing a coil that is too large into the handle will result in splitting.

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