Anvil Sheath - Custom Only

    The Anvil Sheath is a storage and debowling solution rolled into one!

    The Sheath is designed to be used with the Anvil as a tool for on-the-go storage; held in place using friction & magnetism, the sheath slides over the oven whilst still warm to prevent you from burning your fingers during use and/or vulnerable items when being transported.

    The magnet on the top is great for hot swapping bowls between hits, you can unscrew spent bowls and screw in fresh ones whilst the oven retains residual heat! This makes the Anvil a lot more efficient when using with a torch lighter or induction heater.

    Due to everyone's species and shape preferences being different, all sheaths are currently made upon request. If you'd like to place an order for a sheath, please Contact Us and we can get the ball rolling!

    Sheaths can be made as one off pieces or as part of a combo kit, which is a matching sheath & sleeve.

    Prices start from £85 and may increase slightly depending on species and options chosen.

    *Anvil device not included.

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