Handmade? -

All wood items are made by hand in the UK, using exotic materials that have been sourced and selected by Azz himself.

INDI Pieces? -

INDI pieces are just that, individual! If you see INDI on any of the items it means you wont see that exact same piece again, a true 1 of 1. INDI's allow us to offer creations born from pure imagination and the best part is, INDI pieces always find their owner!

Resins/Epoxy? -

As a company we have made the decision to only use resins in our work as a last option. Resin will only be used for the stabilisation, and preservation of the more ornamental wood species we work with. Although resins can look nice when used correctly, we like to think wood can be just as pretty without it!

Custom Requests? - 

If you would like your own custom piece please head over to the Custom Commissions page to find out more.

Fitment? -

As each piece is handmade from wood, there is a small possibility of fitment issues. This can be due to a number of reasons such as interface tolerances, geographical humidity etc. Each piece is acclimated and test fitted multiple times before shipping, but if the piece arrives and you experience fitment issues, please contact us as soon as possible. We will do our best to remedy the issue as soon as we are aware and will keep you updated throughout 

Maintenance? -

To help keep your wood pieces in their best condition, you will need to maintain them from time to time. This can be done by applying a thin coat of food safe wood wax/balm and allowing it to soak in for a little while. Then buff the surface of the item to remove any excess wood conditioner with a paper towel. We would recommend doing this at least once a month. 

Please note that over time your wood will age and might even change colour which is perfectly normal.

Refurbished? -

All refurbished items listed for sale have been meticulously cleaned resulting in an "as new" finish. Each item is polished and then receives several sessions with an ultrasonic cleaner, and then finally rinsed and reassembled. Where perishables are present (caps, o-rings, etc.) these have been replaced with new parts.

- We are always on the look out for new items to refurbish, so if you have something that's been in a drawer for a while why not see what it's worth? Contact us for a quote

Payments? -

There are multiple forms of payment available, but we also accept other methods of online/offline payments that are not listed here. If you would like to enquire about other methods please do not hesitate to contact us.

PayPal - Unfortunately due to the nature of the industry we have taken the decision not to add PayPal to the accessible options during checkout, but it is a payment option that is available upon request. Please Contact Us if you would like to use PayPal to make a payment.

Third Party items? -

All third party manufacturers/makers are aware of their products being listed for sale on www.azzwoodcustoms.co.uk, meaning all warranties and guarantees supplied by the manufacturer are still up held should you have any issues in the future.