Custom Commissions

If you have a fun design idea that you’d like to create, get in touch! We will work with you to bring your vision to life. 

Maybe you’ve seen an INDI piece you love but is out of stock, let us know which one and we’ll use your favourite piece as the inspiration for something new!

You can start the design process by hitting us up via the Contact Us page or send a DM on Instagram - @azzwoodcustoms. We'll respond as soon as we can, and from there we can discuss all the possibilities!

We aim to get custom orders made and shipped within 1-2 weeks of acceptance* if it's a piece that already exists, but this can be a little longer if the item is new and not yet in existence. We'll always give you an estimate of completion once the design has been finalised, and keep you updated throughout.

Items currently CUSTOM ONLY –

Anvil Sleeves & Sheaths, Wired or Wireless Gem/Ball Vape Handles, Proxy Attachments, Dynavap Stems, Gem/Ball Vape Bowls, and OTHER vape accessories (INDI variants may be available on the website from time to time, but if you’d like to order any of these items please Contact Us).

We can’t wait to hear from you!

*When the design has been confirmed and accepted by us, a minimum of 15% of the quoted value will be required to be taken as a deposit before any work is commenced. The remaining 85% outstanding is to be paid upon completion of the piece. In the case of high material costs, the deposit may be increased to cover procurement.