Anvil USA Kit by Vestratto

    Anvil USA kit by Vestratto

    The Vestratto Universal Stem Adapter was created to allow Patented CopperCore (US 11,399,574 B2) Technology to interface with industry standard-size Glass and Wood Stems. The USA will allow you to pair the hard-hitting convection technology of the CopperCore with your stunning custom stem collection, combing the vapour you crave with the aesthetics and form factors you love.

    What is included -

    1x Universal Stem Adapter (8mm)

    1x Universal Stem Adapter Condenser

    1x ThermoCore Oven

    1x Bowl (Of your choice)

    Choose your own bowl size -

    Half Bowl Capacity 0.05g*

    Full Bowl Capacity 0.1g*

    XL Bowl Capacity 0.2g*

    *At a reasonable pack


    The USA has been tested for heat transfer - however - not all stems will be able to support the USA as the vapour generated contains a large heat content that must be appropriately cooled or the interfaced stem can get uncomfortably hot.

    *Tolerances for sizing vary brand to brand, which can impact the fit of the USA with 3rd party stems

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