Azzwood X Glass Charlie Collab Stem for the Tinymight

    Myself and Glass Charlie have come together to create these awesome stems for the Tinymight! 

    Theses stems have been spiked and have 2x cooling pills set inside to give you the same great performance as the standard stems made by Charlie, but these have also received a personal touch of colour from the man himself! I've paired the stems with mouthpieces made from dyed woods out of my special reserve, these have been made to fit each individual stem. The results are some amazingly unique stems!

    All woods used for the mouthpieces are AAA+ grade. 

    Stems 1, 5, 8, 10 & 13 - Purple Curly Maple with Purple Lollipop

    Stems 2, 4, 7 & 11 - Green Oregon Big Leaf Maple Burl with Absinthe

    Stems 3, 6, 9 & 12 -  Pink Curly Maple with Northstar Pink

    Stem 14 - Pink Massur Birch with Pink Lollipop

    Stem 15 - Blue Curly Maple with Atomic Stardust

    Stem 16 - Green Curly Maple with Absinthe


    If you would like to order a Matching Stir Tool please make sure to add it to your basket before checking out! These stir tools are all made to order, please expect 3-5 days added to dispatch time if you select this option.

    The stem is ~145mm in total and comes with 2x 12mm rimless concaved basket screen included. The stem can be used with both rimmed and rimless basket screens, available here.

    *The mouthpieces are only compatible with this stem and cannot be used with the 12mm ID stems provided with the Tinymight.

    **Tinymight not included.

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