Proxy Attachments - Custom Only

    The Proxy is a cool device, made even cooler with a wooden pipe!

    Back when the Proxy was fresh on the scene we were asked if it was possible to make a wooden pipe around it, after a few prototypes the wooden proxy pipe was a real thing. Since then we've strived to add customisability and portability at an affordable price!

    These pipes have the ability be split down to a head & stem, allowing you to store it easily inside of pockets or bags. This also means you can interchange heads and stems to create truly one-off creations.

    Due to everyone's species and shape preferences being different, all proxy attachment are currently made upon request. If you'd like to place an order for a pipe, please Contact Us and we can get the ball rolling.

    Prices start from £235 and may increase slightly depending on species and options chosen.

    *Proxy device not included.

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