Red, Black & Blue Tinymight 2 Sleeve by LabetKomp

    Red, Black & Blue with Glossy Black Pop Studs

    These sleeves have been slightly customised, they include a perforated design around the heater area to allow for heat dissipation and the 'Azzwood' logo for fun! 

    All TM2 sleeves are hand made in France by LabetKomp. He uses high quality full grain vegetable-tanned leather and natural dyes to create individual pieces of art, made to protect you Tinymight device!

    Simply wrap the sleeve around your device and secure in place using the two pop studs on the side!

    *Dyes can be slightly transferred when the sleeve is new, but this will stop after a little bit of handling. Please make sure not to touch materials you don't want dye on during this period.

    *Device and Stem not included.

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