The Screwball by Vapvana

    Join the Anti-Ball Ball Vape Club with The Screwball by Vapvana!

    This class leading device has been carefully thought out and designed by Vapvana. Instead of using balls, they have filled the machined titanium head with ~750 2.5mm gem cut rubies. This subtle change has created a device that is not only powerful, but also a lot more efficient when compared to the competition.

    The device makes use of a proprietary 18mm Male bowl, which has been machined to allow for a perfect airtight fit when married with the titanium head. The bowl also features two dosage sizes, choose from either the Full or Half bowl setting by moving the screen into the correct groove. Full holds ~0.3-0.4g and Half holds ~0.1-0.2g of your favourite herb with a slight tamp. The bowl the drops into any 18mm Female connection! - If you require adaptors, please find them here in the Glass Zone.

    The recommended temperature range is 450F-525F, but we would encourage you to play around with the temperatures to find your own sweet spot! As this is a convection biased device, you can get some really tasty low temp hits under 450F and some super heavy hits over 525F. Happy hunting!

    Available are Starter Kits (Everything included) and Device Only (No PID) options. If selecting 'Device Only', please check the compatibility chart to make sure the PID you intend to use this with is compatible.

    Included is - 

    1x Titanium Head (Pre-filled with ~750 2.5mm Gem Cut Rubies)

    1x 25mm Coil with Handle

    1x Titanium Herb Bowl with Handle

    *1x PID Controller (If PID option is selected)

    *1x Power Cable UK or EU (If PID option is selected)

    1x Metal Heater Stand (Not pictured)

    1x SQP (SS Scoop & Tamp tool)

    1x Brush

    1x Spare Bowl Mesh Screens (2pcs)

    1x Spare Titanium Head Mesh Screens (2pcs)

    1x Quick Start Instructions

    *Before use, please make sure to follow the Quick Start instructions to perform an initial burn off @555F for around 30 minutes.

    If you would like custom wooden handles making for your Screwball kit, please Contact Us here!

    Vapvana include a LIFETIME parts guarantee on all their devices, and a 100 day satisfaction guarantee should you not be completely happy with your purchase. If you would like to know more, please Contact Us.

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