Tinymight Mouthpieces Dome/Nipple

    Change the mouthfeel and draw resistance of your Tinymight 1 or 2 device with a new wooden mouthpiece.

    You can choose from the following designs - Dome or Nipple

    All mouthpieces are ~30mm L X ~16mm W (widest point) and have an internal bore of 8mm (If you would prefer a tighter draw please contact us and we can discuss further options). They are made to OEM specifications meaning that will fit into the glass and titanium stems supplied with the Tinymight, and will also fit aftermarket wood and glass stems with a 12mm ID.

    *Due to the design of the Tinymight device all stems/mouthpieces are unlined raw wood to avoid any contaminates in the air path. **The piece you receive probably won't be the one photographed here, but will be just as beautiful and unique.

    Check out the Clean Your Wood page for cleaning tips!

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