Venom 2 Triple Flame Torch

    Venom 2 triple flame butane torch by Vertigo, perfect to use with the Vestratto Anvil and the Dynavap Armoured cap as well as other butane devices. This is a flat style triple flame lighter, allowing you to heat the oven/cap by lying it into the flame either vertically or horizontally.

    The flame is fully adjustable and windproof.

    Available in 2 different colours -

    Black & Clear

    *All lighters are shipped empty to avoid issues with shipping. It is recommended that lighter/torches be purged before every refill to keep the unit performing as intended.

    **NOTE: DO NOT CLEAN ANY BUTANE LIGHTER WITH ALCOHOL - Doing so will cause immediate degradation of the plastic, resulting in fuel leakage and will void any warranty. **

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