14/18mm Interchangeable Tinymight Bowl Kit by Tinymigh.T_Bowl (14/18mm Male)

    Turn your Tinymight into an even heavier hitter with this bespoke bowl, designed & made in Thailand, by Tinymigh.t-Bowl!

    This interchangeable bowl gives you the ability to interface your Tinymight 1 or 2 with any 14/18mm female joint perfectly because of the 14/18mm post system. Simply slide whichever post matches your desired pieces female joint, be it 14mm or 18mm, and use the handle to lock it in place!

    The material used to make the bowl is 316 Stainless Steel, this adds conduction to the already convection heavy device to allow for a hybrid hit, which results in an even greater extraction.

    Also included is a half bowl converter, this gives you the ability to choose between ~0.2g FULL or ~0.1g HALF when loosely packed. To use it you simply slide the ring in and out, voila!

    The set includes -

    1x 18mm 316. Stainless Steel Post

    1x 14mm 316. Stainless Steel Post

    1x 316. Stainless Steel Bowl

    1x 316. Stainless Steel Handle

    1x 316. Half Bowl Converter

    1x Buffer O-ring Silicone

    1x 316. Stainless Steel Screen

    5x Mesh Screens

    If you would like a custom wooden handle making for your bowl, please Contact Us here!

    *Tinymight device not included.

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