Atomic Stardust under Icey Dichro - Heady Helix Setup

    This heady is Atomic Stardust under Icey Dichro, a very vibrant blue with what can only be described as glitter explosions running throughout! The body has a flat mouthpiece and a satisfying taper, topped off with bumps that glow under UV!

    This setup comes complete Dynavap HELIX tip and your choice of cap - The Cap, The Captive Cap or The Low-Temp Cap.

    - Total Length is 110mm 

    *Due to the slight tolerance differences in Dynavap's manufacturing process, we can only guarantee these stems fit the tips that they have been paired with. However other tips might fit, but please do not force a tip if there is any resistance as this will result in cracking your stem!

    **Heady Dynavap stems wont fit into Dynastash.

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