Leather Loops by LabetKomp

    LabetKomp's leather loops are the perfect tool to avoid burning your fingers! 

    The loop offers a stylish method of hot swapping or checking your roast when using a device like the Vestratto Anvil or Dynavap with the new armoured cap*, keeping your fingertips safe from the residual heat left in the tip.

    All loops are handmade by LabetKomp using high grade vegetable tanned leather sourced from France and Belgium, and then hand dyed using water based colours to create some stunning options.

    - Please use the pictures as a reference when selecting your loop from the available options 1-24**.

    It's recommended that you don't remove anything that's just been heated to prevent burning the leather, first blow on the device to remove some of the heat.

    *They can also be used with other similar devices and accessories.**Some variants have multiple in stock so the item you receive could slightly differ as all are handmade.

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