Tinymight X Revolve wood stem

    Take full advantage of the Revolve cooling system with this stem that has been designed especially for the Tinymight!

    This stem enables you to insert the Revolve cooling system inside, which gives you the ability to condition your vapour by adding cool air into the vapour path allowing you to tailor your experience. Each stem is made to interface with both the Tinymight and Revolve seamlessly, and allows for the use of both baskets and the new dosing capsules in the heating chamber.

    Stem length is ~70mm, total is ~97mm including revolve stem.

    These stems are also compatible with other mouthpieces and condensers that fit an 8mm ID, and can be made without the airport upon request. Please Contact Us for more info!

    *Revolve system not included, but are Available Here.

    **Due to the design of the Tinymight device all stems/mouthpieces are unlined raw wood to avoid any contaminates in the air path.***The piece you receive probably won't be the one photographed here, but will be just as beautiful and unique.


    Check out the Clean Your Wood page for cleaning tips!

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