Vapman 2.0 Kit - Olive

    One of the best vapes on the market, great for dry herb and traditional hashes providing some of the best flavours possible from any vaporiser. A great addition to any collection, and perfect for micro-dosing!

    This is the all new 2.0 design featuring -

    - Inox Mouthpiece & Cooling Spiral (Can also be purchased without cooling spiral, please Contact Us for more info)

    - Stainless steel lining

    - New air input design to allow for draw customisability

    Included in the kit is -

    1x Vapman 2.0 - Olive

    1x Micro Dosing/Concentrate Disc

    1x Filling Funnel

    1x Cleaning Brush

    1x Storage Egg - Clear

    1x Instructions

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