Vapman Heating Station

    The Vapman Hesting station offers precise electrical an temperature-controlled heating, ensuring your herbs are heated to perfection without the risk of burning. Meticulously crafted with fine handwork, natural materials, and a sleek design, it blends timeless aesthetics with modern electronics for a durable and enjoyable user experience.

    Simply set your heating station to your desired temperature and allow the unit to preheat, once ready place you Vapman device onto the heating station and await for the blinking light to turn green indicating that you hit is ready for you.

    Featuring -

    Simple User Interface

    4 second heat up time

    Accurate temp control 140-230 degrees Celsius

    Auto Switch OFF timer

    Included is - 

    1x Heating Station

    1x Power Cable

    *Vapman device not included.

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