Intergrated Stem

    Intergrated Stem for the Anvil by Vestratto.

    One less part. Reliability increases with a simpler construction.

    The enhanced attachment to the CopperCore oven is maintained consistently throughout all airflow positions. We have increased the effective attachment strength from 2 to three o-rings.

    The airflow can now be adjusted while your ANVIL is hot by engaging a standard 1/8” inch hex key into the bottom of the installed herb chamber and turning the oven clockwise to the desired airflow position. We will be making an optimized VESTRATTO tool to perform hot airflow adjustment in July/August but in the mean-time standard 1/8” keys will work.

    The final version of the Integrated Stem has been implemented with three 0.04” holes and 3 0.07” wide slots. The airflow is adjusted by revealing more or less of the slot from behind the web of the thermal break on the CopperCore oven. The minimum flow is selected by only exposing the 3 round holes. Maximum airflow is achieved when both the slots and holes are visible.

    *Spiral Filter not included, Available Here.

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